Why was Intuital Built?

Current “Off the Shelf” pre-configured CRM software does not fit the exact business need for most organisations, as it delivers either the lowest common denominator of features in an attempt to keep the usability simple or offers a host of features in an attempt to cover all possible needs which most businesses do not require or use.  The result is either a system which offers no true competitive advantage to the business or a complex solution that needs excessive training and usually has poor uptake internally, due to having a multitude of features which are not needed.
Hence, these solutions do not reflect the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the organisation and do not offer a measurable strategic competitive advantage.  The result is a poor return on investment and no improvement to customer satisfaction as the software often complicates the customer service process hindering service delivery and ongoing business profitability. 

The Intuital Solution

Aspedia has created a context aware software platform, “Intuital” which delivers a new approach for the planning, build and maintenance of CRM database applications allowing rapid deployment of customized business processes which can be created by non technical resources that have zero software development or coding knowledge.