Data Mining

Data Mining

Data Mining allows a business to easily identify patterns in large sets of data, like those sets contained within a database and then extract the information into a format that can be easily understood. This data can then be structured into a useful set of information and used for future uses such as certain member types within a member data base.

Data mining is a key factor in data management and structuring of information contained within a variety of forms and allows features such as visualisation and easy updates of online data. 

Intuital CRM Reporting

Intuital as a CRM solution includes a centralised database structure which can be used for a variety of tasks. Intuital's CRM software collects indexes and relates database information across a number of chosen integrated website features.

The data can be pulled from webforms, website sign up forms, member data bases, directories and any other aspect of your website that collect data. Being able to pull information from these various different places allow marketing managers, HR and other member of staff to compile a list quickly and in a structure that can be easily understood and used for future projects, mailing lists or member renewals.

Data mining within the CRM can truly transform how a company stores and uses the endless pieces of data a website will gather from its users and can be particularly useful for member based websites when it comes to renewals, events and newsletters.