Intuital's Goals

  • Be positioned as a globally market leader in the deployment of CoDA within business database and more specifically CRM environments
  • Enable an improved understanding of each users specific real time context and delivering an even more personalised solutions to them over time.
  • Record historic, real time and projected future context future systems will learn by example and even by failure, become more intelligent the longer they run. 


  • 2005-6: Initial SaaS CRM solution launched
  • 2009: The Intuital version was released to the market
  • 2011: Intuital powers Member Evolution (ME v.1) - Association & Not-for-Profit membership software
  • 2012: ME 2 was launched in October 2012 with the addition of a Career Centre and FindA Directory
  • 2013: ME 3 was launched in February 2013 with an addition of CPD Diary, and eCommerce Event upgrade in preparation for Conference Management
  • 2014-15: 1. Launch of full Conference Management
    2. Porting of our Learning Management Solution to Member Deployment Framework
    3. Launch of GUI for Client Custom Reporting
    4. Launch of Email Integration Module
    5. Launch of Asterisk VoIP Integration Module
    6. Launch of Audit Trail Module
    7. Launch of Automated Notifications System