Intuital Features:

There are many features that Intuital uses to transform a business not only by the way it operates, but how data is stored and made available to the end user.

Intuital features include:

Feature Focus

Aspedia’s Intuital project defines a methodology, database structure, relationship mapping process, data graphing (indexing)methodology, workflows and user interface design for an innovative Context-aware CRM solution. The system then stores ‘Context’ data against relationship variables, using it to build a “score” of the relative importance of each element of data in the entire CRM to each other element of data.

The “score” is then used to recommend the next most likely data to be presented to a specific user or the most likely activity the user should consider actioning - based upon their current situation at that instant in time and all previous contextual data collected. The relationship variables, their contextual data, the calculated “score”, and the ”related” contextual data presented must be immediately available in real time and the system performance must be scalable to meet client needs no matter how large their organisation, or the database, becomes over time.